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From a lower cost for fabulous furniture to lessening your ecological footprints, buying utilized furniture enjoys some genuine benefits. The principle advantages of purchasing utilized furnishings make us believe in the supremacy of Fayad used furniture. Below are some of the numerous benefits of getting used furniture for your place. 

  1. Cost-efficient- Indeed, even looked at against fast furnishings, which can run incredibly modest; you will probably go through less cash when buying an item of pre-owned furniture. Utilized furniture has entered the commercial centre since somebody needs it out of their home! People will, for the most part, value the item to sell. In addition, you’ll have arranging power.
  2. Supports local economy- When you purchase from a second-hand shop or person that lives in your area, you are straightforwardly supporting your neighbourhood economy. By making buying and selling used furniture nearby, you are putting cash straightforwardly once again into your local area, and a solid neighbourhood economy implies a better, livelier local place.
  3. High-quality items at low prices- Overall cheap furniture is, well, cheap. It’s not made well and will not keep going extremely long. In any case, top-notch new furniture can be unreasonably expensive. When looking for utilized furnishings, you can frequently find sensibly priced, extraordinary things. Even though it very well might be somebody’s waste, it can genuinely be your fortune.
  4. A step towards sustainability- The furniture business is one of the most unsupportable, polluted enterprises on earth. Furthermore, delivering new things implies reaping and making new materials, like wood and plastic. Buying new furniture straightforwardly adds to the non-renewable energy source industry and deforestation. If you believe in used furniture Abu Dhabi, you need not create new materials. 

If you want to buy furniture or sell your old one, Fayad is the best place to buy and sell furniture Abu Dhabi





We Fayad Used Furniture one of the best-used furniture seller in Abu Dhabi, UAE



We provide the complete packing and moving solutions whether you want to shift your home, office or flat.


Second Hand Furniture

We showcase a massive range of second hand furniture for the home and office, in a huge range of styles and prices to suit all. From bargain pieces, to one off antique items, there is something for everyone whether you are a collector or moving into a new home! By using our search facility you can find the exact piece of furniture you require, at a price and distance that suits you.



We have furniture legs in a variety of shapes, colors, and materials that give your furniture style and character. We always work with genuine, solid materials that age beautifully and breathe quality. Our furniture legs are designed to fit both kitchen and bathroom as well as sideboards, storage furniture, and beds.

Used Furniture For Sale Online in Abu Dhabi

Fayad Used Furniture is a used furniture company in Abu Dhabi. We buy and sell second hand quality furnitures, including mattresses, bedroom sets, living room sets, dining tables and chairs, sofas etc. Not only do we offer great products but we also provide fast delivery services to make sure you get the best deal without any hassle.


Comfy & stylish

Transform your living room in style with our unique range of armchairs.

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